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Kadar Anna barabas-lrinc 14681048_1303936162991824_2520402165636335479_o image_7 2 rsz__mg_1412 MEB_ARC_plakat_3_press

On 24, Feb 2016 | In | By superchannel

Anna Kádár

UNICEF Hungarian Committee, Communications Director


“I started working as communications director for the Hungarian Committee of UNICEF in November. Preceding this I worked together with UNICEF HC at Isobar on two projects that won national and international creative awards. I have been their volunteer and running ambassador for years. My long- wished- for dream came true with this position.  Earlier I worked in the advertising industry as a strategic planner: before Isobar, mostly at YR. I graduated from Corvinus University as an economist.”

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On 27, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Ákos Maróy

Akos shares his time between technology-oriented, art and activism projects. He’s the founder of Aero Glass, a startup focusing on Augmented Reality navigation for Aircraft Pilots using Head-Mounted Displays. He’s the founder of EU Edge, an outsourcing company work for the US and European markets. Akos has exhibited media- and bio-artworks at international venues like the Venice Architecture Biennale, Prix Ars Electronica Festival, the Yamaguchi Center for Art & Media, Japan among others. Akos is the co-founder of, an independent investigative journalism project in Hungary.

Pőcze Balázs A kézforma detektálása a SignAll rendszerben ez_legyen_a _featured_image 4-1 (1) Practitioners_005 ernellaek_farkaseknal_lakasvetites_03

On 26, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Balázs Pőcze

Creative Director, Mito

‘I am the creative director and co-founder of Mito. I was raised in Békásmegyer, I normally wore my tracksuit to school. I went to use the internet in C3 and Műcsarnok, I wrote down the names of my favorite websites into a scrapbook. I even printed out the best ones. Nearly for ten years I worked in TV as an editor, reporter, presenter for the three major channels.  I was a copywriter at Hey, and executive editor for the online division of Sanoma Budapest, and I  have been working for nine years now inside and on the creative team of Mito. In 2014 we launched Intro with my colleague  Gergő Marosi, that provides orientation for those who would like to start a creative carrier.’

Trellay Levente hoh-03 kh-12 _MCK8564__s 8-16-2016_014v2 riosdiy16_2

On 25, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Levente Trellay

Art Director, Telep Art Agency

‘I moved back to Hungary 6 years ago. Previously I lived in Switzerland, Germany and Austria where I studied in the field of natural sciences, design and architecture. Next, with a few friends we founded a „multi-arts exhibition space” . We did this with the objective to create a space, with no strings attached, for artists and exhibitions that are truly progressive and unique in their genre. This is how this independent „Off-space” aka. Telep Galéria was born.

Personally, I believe in indirect things, that don’t push the message right into my face, but approach from behind, let themselves be discovered, make one reflect, and through such process one can almost become part of the „story’

Liptay Gabriella Tiszta szívvel Main photo Capa Központ_Jelentés_megnyitó (b-j_Kőrösi Orsolya, Forgács Péter, Esterházy Marcell, Mucsi Emese, Gerhes Gábor, Ami Barak) 1 duna4 stafeta_dijatado_szinhazszines

On 25, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Gabriella Liptay

Economist-Sociologist, Communication Expert

In the past 15 years I was mostly working for multinational telecommunication companies. For 7 years I was Head of Marketing Communications at Magyar Telekom, my tasks involved rebranding (T-Mobile, T-Home), creating and operating an integrated communicational system. Before working for Telekom I was Head of Communications at Ericsson Hungary for almost 7 years during which my colleagues and I were working on the company’s communication pathways. I also managed the communication department and was responsible for renewal at Invitel. Lately I am working on the field of art, creative industry and I am also teaching. From 2011 I delt with building up and remodelling LibriShopline – previously Libri Group – and also managing projects, portfolio, and giving marketing strategy guidance for the major investor owner as the Director of Marketing and Communications. Since January 2015 as the Head of Investor Relations at Design Terminal I have been responsible for creating the territory, currently I am building up the mediation area for the corporate investors. 

I also participated and still take part in the processing, shaping, modification and selling of many exciting projects. During autumn in 2014 Ildikó Csejtei B. and I established together the Independent Media Education Center (IMEC) where we and best of the Hungarian professionals hold practical PR and advertising trainings. 

Since January 2015 as the Head of Investor Relations at Design Terminal I have been responsible for the development of the area -and later on, for the building up of the mediation area -for the corporate investors. Today as the Communications Director of the re-organized Hungarian Tourism Agency I work on the development of the communications area, on the professional operation and on the updating of the touristic image.

I have an active role as a curator at NIOK (Nonprofit Informational and Training Center), I am also one of the presidents of the Friends of the Ludwig Museum, just as well as participating in the mentoring and the forming of many cultural and innovational projects such as ArtMarket Budapest, Hungarian State Opera House, TEDxDanubia, Capilano Women, Marketing and Media. In 2015 I was elected to become member of the presidency of the Hungarian Advertising Association.

Németh Regina 4 image9 20100924fortepana1 Önkéntesek DSC_0830

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Regina Németh

BVA Budapesti Városarculati Nonprofit Kft. , Executive Director

‘I have been managing an urban planning company owned by the  Municipality since July 2015. I have always worked in the field of communication, but dealing with Budapest as a brand is an entirely new and exciting professional challenge.  I believe that a city as a brand is determined not only by its environmental conditions, infrastructure, gastronomy but by its people, and its initiatives. Thus I always follow with great enthusiasm the development of new projects and the work of the various creative communities. I trust that every initiative, that appears in Highlights of Hungary gets one step closer to reaching its objectives.’

Szűcs Péter kiszállítás kész termékek (81) solis3 IMG_4040

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Péter Szűcs

Editor, journalist, originator and executive editor of, travel magazine

I reached the point of creating my own medium, an entertainment travel magazine after 15 years of magazine- making (Marie Claire, InStyle and Hungarian Radio). is a real love project. It is a kind of entertainment and lifestyle magazine that tells stories about things that I really retain important in life through inspiring journeys, people and photographs taken by me. One of the messages it conveys is that we can reach anything, we can get to any place, if we believe in it and do something for it. The  other message is, that tolerance can be learned. While traveling we are not only able to face our prejudices but we can also dismantle them. I am proud of the fact that my last photo exhibition, a visual material entitled Redefined Manhood, presenting Persian portraits could reach with its similar message the international scenario as well.

Originally I am a gardener technician, but I have also learnt the respect of the land from my parents and grandparents. Later I took lectures in literature, linguistics, cultural anthropology and journalism at the Faculty of Humanistic Studies of ELTE University (out of these years, nearly one I spent in Spain). I have been working as a journalist for almost fifteen years now, of which, for five years I put together radio magazine programs in the studio of the  Hungarian State Radio on fashion, traveling, literature or Roma culture. Following this, also for five years I worked at Marie Claire as an executive editor, making further reportages and interviews. I met a lot of celebrities during that period, I had the most memorable conversation  with the famous guitarist Ferenc Snétberger and it was, among other things, about tolerance. This is when I prepared my first bookazine, the Fashion Issue. I mixed the Budapestian subculture with the world of high end fashion, Hungarian poetry, and visual arts. I started magazine following my work at InStyle as an executive director.’


Strasser Orsolya CF207665 echolalia2 _VD27902 edison_6 MatokZsuzsi_web

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Orsolya Strasser

Founder and Executive Editor of PS Magazin

Orsolya Strasser preceding the establishment of PS Magazine left the business sector for the creative industry. The magazine, like a melting- pot of the domestic creative scene, represents a unique platform on the market. Besides high fashion, exciting cultural and artistic topics, as an online and printed organ it also deals with issues related to the importance of social engagement and equal opportunities, thus representing a world through colorful and innovative perception.
Orsi, founder of numerous brands like Matróz Balatonfüred or the Magazine Hotel Budapest, five years ago established PS Creative Agency, a boutique agency that, together with its team consisting of PR experts, journalists and social media experts primarily provides strategic communications counseling to small and medium-sized companies, through a lovable and substantive, content integrated approach.

Orsi, as the owner of the flagship store of Thomas Sabo jewelry brand in Hungary, performs sales and marketing duties for an international brand.

Jedlicska Márton 40-Kinopravda-The-trouble-with-us-12 aranyélet 10346320_867475603326416_965816052745456260_n Szalai Ádám 7502

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Márton Jedlicska

Advertising Expert


He has been in the advertising industry for more than ten years. During this period he has worked for two major  hungarian agencies (BBDO, Young and Rubicam) and later he completed his studies at Miami Ad School (where he became a Top dog twice, the best of the school). He gained experience working for several big international companies (Saatchi and Saatchi/New York, Sapient/Nitro New York, Duval Guillaume/Brussels), he wrote a blog about his experiences around the world ( He worked in San Fransisco for Goodby Silverstein, he proudly received numerous national and international awards, he helped in the foundation of Portfolio Night Budapest and Kreatív Utánpótlás (Creative Reinforcement), the first organization working for young  Hungarian creatives. Furthermore he has participated, as a member of the jury, in numerous national and international festivals – ADC Global, New York Festival, Cristal, Golden Drum and Cannes Lions, where he also appeared as a performer.

Super_Channel_01 KoranyiBudakeszi_98 BUSH6 nagyerdei_viztorony 6u8VFeESsWy4qeTcs Red Bull Pilvaker_2016_04

On 22, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Super Channel

The organisers and initiators of Highlights of Hungary

‘Super Channel is a creative content manufacturer and developer team who broadcasts value to the society and to smaller communities of the society with a platform neutral view but with a complex toolkit. We constantly search for exciting, innovative, unique experience giving ideas and solutions while developing valuable contents, productions; planning and bringing to life online and offline solutions; encouraging coproductions and genre fusions as well as connecting the virtual and the real life events. We are working with the artist and motives of the creative world also find out, repackage, rethink and bring it in to action.

Our aim is to create a base a kind of junction point where the people working on different fields of arts can meet and work together by merging these different fields.’

Megyesi Zsuzsa cziffra fesztival 2016 no6 1 12246679_1005147532857427_989605197952891311_n 1 Rolly Polly spice shakers (1)

On 19, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

Zsuzsa Megyesi

Art Director


For almost a decade she was the curator of Műcsarnok and editor of prestigious contemporary art-magazines. Since 2010 she has been the art director and co-designer of A+Z Design Studio. She is the inventor of Dosgolpes portable flamenco dance floor.