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Budapest Schools Budapest Schools Budapest Schools Budapest Schools Budapest Schools

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Budapest Schools

We aim to create an educational environment in which children become naturally equipped with the mindset and skills needed to lead a happy life.

Yes, happiness is closely related to personal success – but who knows what the future holds, and what success will look like in 2040? What we do know is that critical thinking, creativity and a curious mind are what make us future-adaptive in a competitive environment. We believe, these are also the skills a school should foster.

So we decided to design a school system where these skills, alongside collaboration, growth-mindset and cooperation are in the frontier of the education curriculum.


Nominated by Gabriella Liptay

‘Such an initiative came to life this year, that started to fill a huge gap in the field of education, and that involves exclusively nice, dedicated, responsible, young people with families, with the leadership of Péter Halácsy and Ádám Halmos (both are entrepreneurs, founders of Prezi and Libri Publishing Group). It is obviously very important for them-  also because of the phase they are currently going through in their lives- to see that their children are happy, and that they get a kind of preparation in their schools and within the school network  that enables them to face the challenges of the 21st century, without ever losing their curiosity and their affinity for logical thinking, imagining existence  in terms of communities, and believing in continuous learning. They are all aware of the fact that it is a huge responsibility to start a kindergarden and a school that is far from being classical. Their community keeps developing with unbelievable strength, energy, attention, learning, and through continuous adjustments.’


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.