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Debrecen Bike Maffia Debrecen Bike Maffia Debrecen Bike Maffia Debrecen Bike Maffia Debrecen Bike Maffia

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Debrecen Bike Maffia


The Debrecen Bike Maffia launched as the first rural chapter of the Budapest initiative. The operation of the group started in March 2015,and it became sustainable in a short time.The aims of the project to help the homeless people of the city, to raise awareness among local people and to do community developement at the same time.The group usually cook from donations every second week and they deliver it by bike for their homeless friends.

We have several initiatives behind us, such as the „Eat the rows” action (exchange between books and food), „We clew the issue” campaign (organizing knitting teaparties), “Homeless cats” project (neutering) and plenty of events and workshops that help fundraising and being more popular.


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Nominated by Péter Szűcs

Debrecen Bike Maffia was established as a cell of Budapest Bike Maffia in 2015. Its basic aim is to provide a kind of social assistance for those in need, that relies entirely upon transparent, voluntary work and, first of all, is altruistic. They help homeless people, small and extended families in need, those living in shelters and receiving institutions. As a reflective and responsible community, one of their goals is to spread this kind of mentality and the sense of responsibility. They have integrated for the first time in the world bicycle into social work. Anyone can support and help them through Játszóház (Playhouse) Project in Debrecen, and of course anyone can participate in the work as a volunteer


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.