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Dr. Schill Beáta Dr. Schill Beáta Dr. Schill Beáta Dr. Schill Beáta Dr. Schill Beáta

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Dr. Schill Beáta


My name is Beata Schill. I graduated in 1994, at the Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine.

I am treating preterms since I have specialized for paediatrics.

I was working 16 years in level III NICU-s. The smallest, 470 – 560 g birth weight, on the 23th- 24th gestational weeks born preterms were treated there till their discharge home.

We have worked even in the Schöpf-Mérei Hospital with absolute family oriented approach. The parents were involved in the daily care of their babies, they were present in the daily rounds, visits also.

As by my best knowledge the kangaroo treatment programme has started there. This programme means the skin contact between the mother and the baby, or the father and the bay. This kind of treatment has a lot of grade A evidence from the Cochrane database, regarding the survive of the symptomless survive of the preterms. At the very beginning, dr Martinez and his team has introdu­ced this method in Columbia, out of necessity, in the absence of a sufficient number of incubators He was surprised on the dramatically increase of surviving ratio of the treated preterms. This successful method has spilled over slowly in the health care of developed countries.

After the regrettable closure of the Schöpf-Merei Hospital, I have continued my work from September, 2009, and could establish this method in the Honvéd Hospital also.

The first use of the special, dedicated preterms bath tube (bucket) was also in the Schöpf-Mérei Hospital. This method actually blends perfectly the preterms short tailored time being in utero. This unique method was developed especially for preterms in Essen (Germany).

As a conclusion, it appears that I have not done anything more, than tried to fight for the implemen­tation of the already known and proven methods in the field of neonatology. I have held lectures, saying and pointing out, that the kangaroo method and the presence of the parents in the NICUs is a natural support for the treated babies. It is proved , that the kangaroo method facilitate the milk production of mothers of very preterms, providing milk enough for their babies.

Summarising the advantages of the kangaroo method: it supports the developing the immature immune system, the increased resistance against infections, the increasing of ventilation functions and capacity, the better weight growing, shorter stay in the hospital.

The NICU in the Honved Hospital is a family friendly Department, the parent are allowed to be there 24/7, and – for some years – the brothers and sisters  are also allowed to visit the preterms.

All these methods are helping a lot, that after and despite of some difficult periods the families lea­ving the hospital and arriving home in healthy minded state, where everyone is known by everyone. It is essential in order to be their first period not be burdened with even more stress than what they spent in the hospital.


Nominated by Zsuzsa Megyesi:

A young man arrives at a maternity department somewhere. He enters the code, opens the door and heads for the changing room.

Second scene: a man, half naked with a tiny premature baby breathing on his chest. A young father “kangaroo-ing”. Researches show that the organs of premature babies develop faster “tied” onto the body of the mother or the father. Road show: In England a young professional medical team trains nurses for premature baby care in the countryside, according to a whole new and radical concept. Dr Beáta Schill neonatologist and her crew have been working for the past 16 years on making these moments, that seem like scenes from an American sci-fi movie, become reality in Hungarian public healthcare.  In order to make a difference we have to change as fast as possible the public mindset. This is as early as possible, and as hard as it can be, like tearing down concrete walls.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.