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Drops Drops Drops Drops Drops

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate



5-minute language Drops: What if you could only learn 5 minutes per day?

Drops is the effortless gateway drug to a new language.

The secret to its addictiveness? Super low barrier of entry into language learning and a drug-like effect. Learning is strictly limited to 5 minutes per day which creates intense focus and it’s paired with an immersive game-like experience and a thumb-swipe navigation. Drops literally drugs you with adrenalin, dopamine and endorphin.

That’s great but how is it different than other vocabulary apps?

Drops is ain’t Duolingo – it skips grammar and strictly focuses on vocabulary learning for beginners with brutal efficiency. The best part? It’s so quick and captivating that your daily learning session is done in a few blinks. We eliminated the need of keyboard completely which leads to a seamless and fun experience.

You can do so much in 5 minutes, yet it seems so doable at the beginning – that’s why it’s easy to start – and get addicted.

Drops is candy for the eye: the words are 100% illustrated and pleasing for the hand as it’s swipe based – think Tinder-like ease of use.

We created this app based on Flow theory, Parkinson’s law (“work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion”) and neuroscientific paradigms such as the pre-test effect and the direct association (you connect the new sound to the picture directly instead of using your native word as a link).

Only practical words

Handpicked words for getting the highest practical value for your effort

As a starter kit, we selected 1700 high-leverage words that are used most frequently and we grouped them in a logical way. This pack contains enough vocabulary to make yourself understood on a basic level in case of a quick travel to your target country but we are working on expanding the vocabulary in a major way.

The facts

1700 beautifully illustrated words (all verbs are animated!)

101 practical word categories

10+ features for enhanced memory formation

4 senses are stimulated during practice

challenges tailored to the learner’s actual knowledge

 Available languages

Drops teaches English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese

We proudly make learning addicts with 5-minute Drops


Nominated by Zsuzsa Megyesi:

‘Now one can learn five languages in a super fast and super cool way from 6-99 years of age with the help of Virtual scratch cards and cross-word puzzles, designed like a 21st century Busy World of Richard Scarry with the colors of Johannes Itten. Its fantastic advantage is that one does not have to become part of another network right away, it does not contain superfluous visual elements, it is not over complicated. This is the most ingenious, and as for its visual language, the most up-to-date vocabulary building program that I have ever seen.’