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Dunapest Festival Dunapest Festival Dunapest Festival Dunapest Festival Dunapest Festival

On 05, Jan 2017 | In | By superchannel

Dunapest Festival


Dunapest cultural and urbanistic festival adds another patch to the already colourful range of cultural events in Hungary while having an international aspect as well: it brings various initiatives from Europe, the region and alongside the Danube to a common platform. We present cultural diversities through various civil and cultural programs in order to find new ways, artistic responses, inspiration and opportunities for cooperation for the renewable relationships between the river and the city. Danube unites and connects languages and cultures.

Organizer: Kultúrkombinát

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Nominated by Gabriella Liptay:

‘Finally a cultural festival that chose for its partial theme and certainly for its location the Danube, the riverbank and the surroundings of the Danube. We live here, along the river, and though one would think that it’s so evident, we do not really “use” it as much as we could. This is what the festival, that was organized for the first time this year, would like to end . Music, theater, visual arts, literature, urban design, sports-programs- all of these at places along the river, or on floating locations, early summer, when there is still a lot of people in the city, but it is already warm enough to organize outdoor events. Waterfall installations, picnics, literary river cruises, ship building and at times quite bizarre programs. Well done dear organizers! Keep the good work up and see you next year!

*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.