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Echolália Echolália Echolália Echolália Echolália

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate



„There exists an echotone preceding language.”

Visual poetry, metrical verse, and electronic music based on these poems. Two objects, multiplied sensations, one work of art. Bookvinyl.




Nominated by Orsolya Strasser:

The project of Ákos Fodor Kele, proved to be quite an unusual idea in the world of domestic publications because of several aspects. It was not only the first book that was created out of community financing, but it was also the first inter-medial work in the genre of literature, since it moves along the boundaries of graphic design and music. Kele Fodor worked together on the project with artists like  Lili Thury, Hooh Studio or Péter Serfőző

*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.