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Everyone can draw Everyone can draw Everyone can draw Everyone can draw Everyone can draw

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Everyone can draw


The activity drawing book: ‘Everyone can draw’ was published in 2012 autumn, by Scolar publishing in Budapest. Zsuzsa Moizer and Zsófi Barabás, the creators of the book, graduated in the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest in 2004, majoring in painting and obtaining a teacher-training qualification. Besides regularly exhibiting at major Budapest galleries, both Zsuzsa and Zsófi have gained extensive experience in organizing creative workshops for children. As the creators themselves put it, “This book is geared towards children who like to draw and children who have not yet grown found of playing around with the crayon.” In 2013 they published ‘What is missing?’ and ‘We are all different’, the second and third part of the Everyone can draw series. The book’s creates appeal is in its skill to sneak learning and development into fun activities. Activities involve half finished images, pictures to be colored and shapes to fill in, finding animals in a game of hide and seek, identifying matching pairs, recognizing feelings and emotions, discerning certain shapes etc. Such tasks aim at sharpening fine motor skills necessary to read, write and render the world on paper. Characters like Cicu the cat, Nelli the seal and an adorable labyrinth monster by the name Bubble provide much entertainment. Besides becoming very successful titles in Hungary, ‘Everyone can draw’ and ‘We are all different’ were published already in France by Edition Cambourakis, in 2014 and 2015. The first title was published in Russia in February 2016 by the Publishing House: Mann Ivanov and Ferber. Zsuzsa Moizer and Zsófi Barabás held workshops and book showes in Brussels, Paris and Tokyo, alongside with several cities through Hungary.

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Nominated by Anna Kádár:

‘The professional work, the continuous progress of Zsófi Barabás is greatly affected by her travels to various destinations around the world, where she gets a lot of inspiration. The permanent traits of her art are characterized by abstract visuality, that carry passion and swirling emotions. Her works display external as well as internal landscapes, lately with a kind of industrial streak, according to my “inexpert” eye and phrasing: combined with straight lines. Her book (by now a series), that targets early artistic education of children, entitled Mindenki tud rajzolni (Everybody Knows How to Draw) was put together with co-author: Zsuzsa Moiser, as a result of travels abroad, and the gap experienced in the related field on the domestic market.