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Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio

On 05, Jan 2017 | In | By superchannel

Gabor Miklos Szoke Studio


The artist, Gábor Miklós Szőke assembled his first sculptures alone with his own hands in the family garage in Budaörs. 10 years have passed and the artist’s studio has grown into a factory with the facilities befitting a construction company, where welders, sculptors, structural engineers and lighting designers work under the supervision of the artist. An army of animal sculptures have emerged from the nearly 2000-square-meter studio of Gábor Miklós. Crossing continents and oceans, this is where they start their journey around the world from the former Manfréd Weiss Steel and Metal Works. This spacious fully renovated 100-year-old brick building is a design studio, a workshop, a showroom and an entertainment venue in one, where all the interior design was made by Gábor Miklós Szőke and his team. The world’s biggest bird sculpture, the Atlanta Falcon was conceived here, and it will be placed in front of the main entrance of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta home to the 2019 Super Bowl.

Many know him as the creator of the FTC Eagle, but beyond his gigantic steel sculptures, his universe encompasses creatures made from reused materials, tar and found objects, which are an organic part of the empire ruled by the Doberman, Dante. From the upper floor of the spacious 100-year-old brick building, Dante’s guard dogs gaze down upon strangers wandering in from afar. The employees working here are familiar with the ruler’s language, they consider the empire their home and the main venue of their social life. In the studio of Gábor Miklós Szőke and Berta Hauer (the artist’s business and life partner), hundreds of people participate in the construction of the monumental artworks. The work process is supervised and coordinated from the command center on the upper floor. Through a massive vault door we enter a welded and riveted steel box resembling a submarine and a military bunker at the same time, where under the crystal chandeliers of the command office/conference room, the plans of new projects lie spread out on the oak-wood table standing on sturdy dog-legs.

Employees are provided for with a shooting range and film screenings for team building purposes. An indispensable appliance of the latter is the pop corn machine located in the office kitchen. The realization of the stainless steel sculptures takes place in hall one, which functions as a studio and a showroom as well. Furthermore, select pieces of Gábor Miklós Szőke’s vintage car collection are on display here, which change seasonally along with the sculptures. In the other 1000 square meter wood warehouse and workshop, the wooden sculptures are made. In the back of the hall, a mint condition bridge crane rests on its 50-meter track.



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Nominated by Orsolya Strasser:

The office of Gábor Szőke Miklós awaits with playfulness the clients of the sculptor and of his companion Berta Hauer. The antique elements (a collection of cars, an almost 100 year old shield door etc.) are pleasantly combined with the contemporary decorative pieces, that fill the space with elegance. The almost exaggerated severity is successfully broken by a shooting gallery or by the pop-corn making machine standing in the kitchen, that rather melt into than stick out of their environment. The office can be considered as a contemporary monument, since thanks to it, the former Csepel Művek (Works), where it is situated, was saved and renovated


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.