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GreenGo GreenGo GreenGo GreenGo GreenGo

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate



GreenGo is Budapest’s first community electric car rental service. Using GreenGo is like having your own car, however you don’t have to pay for parking, insurance or worry about filling or cleaning! It’s an agile, quiet and environmentally friendly urban cruiser with a minute-based rental fee. Open seven days a week, 0-24 ready to serve you, after a personal registration it’s easily manageable online from renting to paying. With GreenGo you can reform the transport of Budapest and reduce your ecological footprint!

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Nominated by Gábor Ákos Maróy:

Green Go – Green Car Sharingis a shared fleet of passenger vehicles, consisting entirely of electric cars, that currently operates in Budapest. It is the first service of this kind in Hungary, that contains a lot of progressive elements even on an international level. In the Sector of Transportation it is evident for everybody that the future is not in possessing a vehicle but in sharing it. There are already numerous examples all around the world of sharing vehicle-parks like in Switzerland, that provides shared- time passenger vehicles or the also internationally known ZipCar startup from Silicon Valley.

In Budapest Green Go is the first service of this kind. It is more progressive than its international competitors, in a sense that its fleet is entirely electric, and furthermore  that the cars can be “put down”, parked on the street,  anywhere in the determined districts of the city -as opposed to other similar services, where cars can be picked up from fenced off parking lots, and they have to be taken back to the exact place  after use. This way GreenGo cars really substitute taxis or public transportation, and they are also perfect for one -way trips.

GreenGo is a very important new building block of an environmental friendly and livable ambient in Budapest.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.