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HBO Golden Life HBO Golden Life HBO Golden Life HBO Golden Life HBO Golden Life

On 05, Jan 2017 | In | By superchannel

HBO Golden Life


In the smash-hit first season of the series, the Miklósi family lived a life of apparent luxury, although their affluence was actually derived from the father’s repertoire of dodgy capers and scams. When Attila made up his mind to go straight, however, everything was turned upside down. It soon emerged that everyone had different plans for the future, and the family fell apart.

In season two, the Miklósis have to start over from scratch.

How can we live with our guilt? How can we deal with our responsibility? Through the story of the Miklósi family, the profusion of opportunities in post-communist Hungary is revealed alongside the disappointments in store and the possibilities for starting a new.



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Nominated by Márton Jedlicska:

‘I already liked the first season very much, but I think that the second season turned out even better, especially because of the temporal jumps. It feels good to see that HBO takes the trouble to develop, in Hungary as well, a series explicitly of a Hungarian flavor, and above all, of such a high quality that we have already grown accustomed to in the case of foreign TV series, and all this with a truly professional crew. I hope that Aranyélet will reach the same kind of popularity on the domestic market that the Sopranos did on the American one (the topic is similar) and will trigger high quality TV series production in Hungary.  Respect to all who have participated in it.’


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.