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On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate


Jarokelo is a platform that helps citizens to report local problems in their neighbourhoods: they upload photos of “street problems” such as potholes, broken street lights, illegal waste dumping, dog foul and so on, and add a short text description about the issue they would like to submit. The submitted report is then reviewed by a volunteer team of local administrators, and is sent to the local government or service provider in email. The reports on the site allow citizens to follow issues in their neighbourhood, and other citizens to make suggestions for a better solution.



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Nominated by Ákos Maróy:

‘ is the crowd-sourced solution for the recognition of problems occurring in public spaces. Jarókelő receives reports about problems occurring in public spaces and forwards them to the competent offices, then publishes the solutions. The average person just has to recognize the problem, and has to make a simple “report” about it, normally accompanied by a photo. The volunteers of establish contact with the  competent authorities, who then make the appropriate arrangements.

Only in 2016 on a daily basis 24, annually 9000 problems occurring in public spaces were resolved with the mediation of

2016 was a particularly important year for, since  several new cities were included e.g. Kecskemét, Veszprém, Székesfehérvár, and thus the number of the volunteer crew members, working on a daily basis, has reached 20. They are the ones who help the inhabitants of the city to get the reports to the right places, and also in the follow up if necessary. Their first official collaboration with a company owned by the local government was concluded in Veszprém, that is considered to be a great achievement in Hungary.

In 2016 the website of  Járókelő was reborn, got a new design and it became optimized to mobile phones, so more and more people can use it from their phones right on the spot, where they meet the problem. As a result of this, they got 1000 new registered users this year.  Another one of their business cooperations: from the end of 2016 JCDecaux advertises Járókelő on empty poster surfaces.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.