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Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party) Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party) Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party) Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party) Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party)

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Kétfarkú Kutya Párt (MKKP) (Hungarian Two -Tailed Dog Party)


The best way to improve cracked pavement is to convert it into a proof of the four colour theorem. More and more began to paint such things countrywide ( the opportunity provided by the market niche our online newspaper is being published since last November. It is a political paper that is more pro-government than the government itself ( As an answer to public pressure we dedicated a square to Bud Spencer in order to end the moral demolishing effects of unnamed public places ( series of Underground Books are useful informative public readings ( implemented some deficiencies of Nyugati square’s renovation by the installation of an ashtray that is capable to improve public spirit (



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Nominated by Ákos Maróy:

The Magyar Kétfarkú Kutyapárt(MKKP) is the enfant terrible of Hungarian public life.-a joke party, that holds a sufficiently distorting, sometimes just precise mirror in the face of Hungarian public life and main stream politics.  The MKKP organically is an initiative that grew out of a street-art group in Szeged, and thus, it fits into a well recognizable movement,  according to which,  in the “post-truth” (Postfaktisch) period such an initiative represents simple wit and common sense  as opposed to the entirely institutionalized political machinery that has lost real contact with society. In certain cases society gets joke- parties like this onto power opposing main stream politics, e.g. in Reykjavik the city council is lead by the “Best Party” joke from Island, in coalition with the Social Democratic Party, where the Best Party delegated the most representatives, 6 out of 15.

In 2016 the MKKP appeared with its innovative and unorthodox, and in the domestic and international political public life quite atypical communication strategy as the only real counter-pole against the standpoint of the government during our referendum held on the issue of immigration. They managed to organize a nation-wide poster campaign of their own, from sources collected using crow-founding methods, that provided an access commensurate to that of the government, for only a fragment of the government’s budget.The content of the posters was put together from ideas sent online by the wider public, through public vote, that very well shows the inclusive approach of MKKP as opposed to a well planned method of a propaganda machinery. The striking difference in the costs of the posters spread some light, showing a real example,  on the corruption budgetprevalent now- days in the country.

The innovative appearances of MKKP move on a wide scale, that spreads from the community four-color-painting that draws the attention to the cracks on the sidewalks, through the classic street- art elements, evoking Banksy,  charity events and media hacks, like the application of innovative book covers on the No. 3 Metro of Budapest, where the activists travel with the covers of such non-existing books and “read”, as “Combustible Materials in the Metro Cars” or “How to Survive The Hungarian Subway System” or “Without a Ticket with Self-Confidence” . Just like all the activities of MKKP, this one is also entirely open and can be reproduced independently, thus encouraging social participation -all book-designs can be downloaded from the Party’s website.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.