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Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program


’Kucko’ voluntary program began in 2013 teaching dance at Hűvösvölgyi Gyermekotthon (a children’s home in Budapest). By now we are in contact with 8 institutes around Budapest and also have some countryside projects. Just to name a few:

1# organization of voluntary haircut is going for almost 3 years by now

2# we hosted over 300 children so far for a three-course lunch in ’Ötkert’ restaurant

3# Kucko advent package: this year (2016) we have collected donation and prepared 87 box for those children who spent the Christmas at home with their family. The total amount of this project was over 1,4M HUF.

4# ’Lélekzuhany’ Gospel choir: first Hungarian gospel choir that’s members are children under state care. Kucko gives them support in concert-organization and manage their social media presence

5# promotion of ’Smart donation’

6# numerous other children related activities such as:  fundraising, connecting donors to the institutions using our good, country-wide relationship  with the institutes and punctual knowledge on their lacks and needs. For example: Last December a creative agency asked our support to find a good place for their 1,5M HUF donation. They were connected to a poorly supported rural region institute)

-          donation sorting support

-          recruiting volunteers to ’big cleaning days’ in order to make the environment more confortable for the kids

-          roundtable discussion with the colleagues of these institutes to better understand their needs

Permanent events:

-          Kucko open air day: a kind of children’s day with 150 participants from various institutes, where we make a target collection for a selected institute based on their needs

-          SantaKucko: a 4-hour event with lunch, gingerbread decoration, creative occupation, concert ( Lélekzuhany Gospel)  and Santa Claus gifting. (cca. 50 children are involved)


Our goals:

-          creating a Foundation

-          lil’ Kucko: founding rural units (small Corners) by involvment of local organizers, providing backround support

monthly Kucko Roaming: trips, hiking with children



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Nominated by Regina Németh

‘Kuckó (Hut) Volunteer Program helps children living in Children’s Home. “We are an enthusiastic group consisting of a handful of people. Our aim is to provide the children with fulfilling experiences, to help them with whatever they have affinity and talent for.” This kind of approach reaches beyond the traditional donation collecting initiatives. It is the individual, the child who is in the center, in other words they try to help according to the real needs. They don’t take the hundredth teddy bear to a place where there is a lot of it already. They rather organize and bring some hairdressers into the institution, so for once it wouldn’t be the nurses to cut the hair of the children. The list is very long. They make the life of children living in Children’s Homes more pleasant through numerous small but creative and useful actions

*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.