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On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate is a modern space for making and maker education in Nagykovácsi next to the Teleki-Tisza Castle. The workshop is equipped with 3D printers, modular electronic bits, a laser cutter, a CNC machine, woodworking equipment and sewing machines to help make a variety of gadgets from samurai robots to smart clothing with LED lighting. Its mission is to prove to kids and adults alike that technology is for everyone and they are able to create amazing things that might seem complicated at first. aims to make learning by doing an integral part of education in Hungary.



Nominated by Ákos Maróy:

Makerspace is literally a space for makers, a place where creators can create undisturbed. Makerspace makes available, for young people between  8-12  years of age, creative methods of the present and the near future, like electric circuit prototyping instruments made for children, 3D printers, laser cutters, precision CNC milling machines etc. situated in Nagykovácsi was brought into life by the Hungarian Scout Association as a part of Teleki-Tisza Kastély Komplexum (Teleki-Tisza Palace Complex) investment, to show the value of community and common creation in our country.

The decision of the founders of Makerspace was to set up the following equation, in their own words: creation=happiness. This approach brings more and more interested families into Nagykovácsi, The creation starts with a few hour long program, organized around particular exercises for the children, through which they create interesting objects, electric circuits, robots, toys, “intelligent tools”. Typical characteristic of the programs is that though they are organized for kids, parents also participate with full enthusiasm.

The main objective of  Makerspace’s activities, is to educate children to become creative in a way  that the participants remain maximally self-motivated all along. Besides all the above, they also focus on adult training, where the central motif is to train such “trainers” who well and effectively educate and motivate children.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.