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MVM Edison LightUp! MVM Edison LightUp! MVM Edison LightUp! MVM Edison LightUp! MVM Edison LightUp!

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By superchannel

MVM Edison LightUp!


The goal of the campaign:

Throughout the history of technological innovations, Hungarian people were all the time in the forefront – and innovation itself is also in the forefront of Hungary’s future. This is why MVM with the professional support of IBM started a programe. Its aim is to create a heavily  R+D+I based ecosystem, which would be able to incubate new ideas in connection with energy and energy consciousness, software and hardware developments, as well as suistanable design.

As the first step of the program we launched a competiton to focus on people with new ideas, but we would also target wider audience: the complete innovation potential of the country.

Creative concept:

”Step into the light! The core of the creative concept is that most of the times groundbreaking innovative ideas are just dreams which are kept alone in the darkness – they need support: light and inspiration to have visible contours. The MVM Edison Light up! program wants to help with the first steps of the future innovators to motivate them: See? It is possible! Others are already here! – To summarize, that is why we started the film with this sentence: An idea is like a light in the darkness” and finished with showing the successful community of innovators. In the surrealistic, nude background of the light-choreography, all of them have real stories.

The target audience consists of start-ups, spin-offs, SME-s, collage and university students or just people in general having an innovative idea. They represent the idea, the energy and the future for us. This is why – instead of shooting a regular image spot – we wanted to make a creative, which is tailored for them: crosses boundaries with its unusual solutions and visuals. We believe everybody finds something new and memorable in the spot – even after watching it a few times



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Nominated by Orsolya Strasser:

MVM Edison LightUp! Is a video dreamed up by Young&Trinity, and created for the occasion of the tender issued for innovative talent. The agency turned to a simple but great idea, since it played with the contrast of darkness and light, and all this in a very effective and dramatic way. The video perfectly communicates the theme of the tender, about ideas that light up the darkness, and the professionally designed light choreography reflects the stretching of the limits in a fascinating way.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.