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NEUGA Garage NEUGA Garage NEUGA Garage NEUGA Garage NEUGA Garage

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

NEUGA Garage


One and a half years ago three former professional BMX riders partnered up to build the most controlable and unique motorcycles of Budapest.

Their goal is to redesign the vehicles in order to meet their customer’ s needs and to lose the monotony of mass production – their extreme sports experience serves as an essential base to the build.

Benedek Eszteri is leading the electronics and ergonomics, Dani Králik is responsible for the art management of the project and Róbert Tóhati develops and maintains the engines; however in the case of a young workshop like NEUGA the overlapping of roles is inevitable.

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Nominated by Levente Trellay:

“An initiative that is unique of its kind, with great results right from the beginning. These   guys, or rather the creations that they put together in their workshop, are   perfectly worthy of getting this city, in a broader sense the whole country, onto the map of motorcycle constructing design.


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.