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Red Bull Pilvaker Red Bull Pilvaker Red Bull Pilvaker Red Bull Pilvaker Red Bull Pilvaker

On 05, Jan 2017 | In | By superchannel

Red Bull Pilvaker


The idea of Red Bull Pilvaker is based on the commemoration of the 1848/49 revolution and war of independence, and grown into a diverse cultural event. Pilvaker intertwines Hungarian literature’s most famous poems with today’s musical revolution. By adapting and refashioning poetry, the cultural initiation’s mission is to preserve traditions and pass on Hungary’s historical and literary heritage. The annual show, traditionally held on March 15th pays tribute to the biggest names of Hungarian culture with a new, unique concept that brings the youth closer to the best literary pieces. The honoring request to include the adapted version of Juhász Gyula’s Szavak (Words) in the 8th grade literature textbooks shows the success of Pilvaker’s goals.




Nominated by Super Channel:

‘It is a great challenge, how to address the “new generation”, how to translate certain topics into their language to which their only connection is that they might come across them during their maturity exams..Ákos Takács and his team for the past five years were capable of turning the March 15. celebrations in form as well as in content so intriguing , that its 200 year old spirituality and history was able to provoke visceral reactions even in today’s youth.”’


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.