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Rios Crew Rios Crew Rios Crew Rios Crew Rios Crew

On 07, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Rios Crew


If you would ever happen to doubt what skateboarding “has become”, please type in “RIOS crew” on your analog or tactile keyboard, and set yourself straight once and for all… Because, in about two years, those guys from a forgotten by all capital have managed to create something. Something that is their own, with no sponsors, no marketing plan, no nothing apart from a video camera and good ideas.Their very own thing is great enough that it is now making skaters from around the world travel to check it out, and considering the kind of guys visiting them, this thing is the good kind… Nope, not all is lost. Thanks to the RIOS!




Nominated by Levente Trellay:

“First we have to make something clear: skateboarding is one of the most complex thing in the world. They call it a sport but it is much more than that. It is a cultural-historical phenomena, that has an impact on fashion, art, music and architecture etc. It has gone through an incredibly lot of changes since it was born. One never gets tired of it, it is always ready for renewal. It is underground and mainstream at the same time.

Rios Crew, a team consisting of about a dozen good friends, came out with such videos that literally burst into the world-press . It is obvious that it is a kind of art        form      that requires great physical and technical preparation. They talk about them in such superlatives all over the world that is without precedence. They have placed Budapest on the world map. All of this they have done out of their own resources, with consistence, faith and fervor. Here, in Hungary.” 

*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.