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Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok

On 24, Jan 2016 | In | By mate

Magyar Élelmiszerbank #szerencsesvagyok


1,8 million tonnes of food becomes waste every year in Hungary. Hungarian Food Bank saved 5 000 tonnes of food surplus in 2016 and distributed among people in need in Hungary. Food Bank’s campaign, #I’mlucky, aims to draw people’s attention to the problem of starvation, malnutrition and food waste. Food Bank’s agency, Well Advertising Agency, introduced the image campaign of Food Bank using the creative of an empty plate in 2015. In 2016 asked Viktória Hitka for a cooperation to carry on the idea of the „empty plate” creative in a new campaign. The goal of the campaign in 2016 was not only to increase awareness, but also fundraise for Food Bank. The #I’mlucky campaign introduces the problem of starvation and food waste with a positive approach. Those who can afford wide range of food selection, who can buy even more than they need, might not think about the possibility of what would happen if all these resources could not be reached/used. We call them, we invite them to stop and think how lucky they are, and how thankful, grateful could it be to give. That is where I am lucky slogan came from. In the campaign we set up spread tables at the main spots of Budapest and invited by-passers to stop and sit down for a minute. The atmosphere of being there was kind of familiar, but the messages, wrote on the plates, brought a kind of shock, surprise for the passers.   The plates, with the message I am lucky, are available at Flatlab, Budapest. The total income of the campaign supports the work of the Food Bank. The campaign is still on, everyone can join with sharing a photo on FB or Instagram with #szerencsesvagyok and #elelmiszerbank.   In 2016 with the help of the campaign Food Bank could fundraise 700 000 HUF, that helps to distribute food packages of food surplus among people in need.

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Nominated by Anna Kádár:

‘The I am Lucky communication campaign is unique in many aspects. First of all it was presented through the plates of Viktória Hitka, with her painted handwriting, by now considered iconic, and furthermore it drew in, with the help of the community media, many people of the target audience. Its real strength came from the thought behind it, and the feelings it has evoked in the target audience. Such a simple thought can stir emotions strong enough to move the audience, and make them post pictures about what they eat- not in the trivial form like “Let’s see what you eat!” , but in a way that raises awareness: with a well targeted message added. ‘I am lucky because I have something to eat.’ Every work of Viki Hitka tells about her social sensibility and willingness to act. In the  I am Lucky campaign all this was smartly connected with the Food Bank, that stood behind the cause.’


*Participants of the project can be seen on the Hungarian website.